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Eight Days handles all of your packing and unpacking needs

Eight Days specializes in helping with the transition of moving – whether you are moving your family and want to be packed and ready for the movers in just one day or have a loved one downsizing from a home into an assisted living or retirement community. Let’s get ready for your move without all the work on your end. 

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Experienced & Professional

Our packers are a step above. We believe in serving you at the highest level and can’t wait to meet you!

Fast & Efficient

We can get you packed and unpacked in 1-2 days so that you aren’t unpacking for weeks. We are here for you!

Licensed & Insured

We are both licensed and insured to give you peace of mind. Call us today to check packing and unpacking off of your to do list.


Don't have time to pack?


Not able to pack because of mobility?


Want to eliminate the stress of moving?


Not interested in tracking down packing materials?

Packing Pricing

Eight Days helps get you all packed up and ready to move quickly to relieve the stress of moving

1-2 Bedroom Apartment

10 hrs


*$450-$900 is common

3 Bedroom Home
<2,000 sq ft 

16 hrs


*$600-$1,500 is common

4 Bedroom Home 2,000-3,000 sq ft

20 hrs


5 Bedroom Home 3,000-4,500 sq ft

24 hrs


6+ Bedroom Home

4,500+ sq ft

30+ hrs


Unpack & Organize

Start living in your new home quickly and at the highest level – if you choose, we can organize every space as we unpack


8-10 hrs


Master Closet

4-8 hrs


Kids Closets

2-4 hrs


Other Spaces

Custom Pricing


Full Home

Typically 1.5-2x Packing Cost


Want to be ready for the movers without lifting a finger?

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How you can use Eight Days for your move!


Packing Services

We are Omaha’s Best Packing and Unpacking Company! Call us to have packers and organizers get everything all packed up for the movers. We can pack a typical house in just one day.

Unpacking Services

Packers and organizers can also get you completely unpacked so that you can start living in your new home quickly. This can take 1-5 days depending on the size of your new space. 

Organize Your New Space

Want your new space to start out perfectly organized? Our organizers can make this happen. Its like hiring us for organization, but you just happen to need all of your boxes unpacked and every room addressed. We’ve got it handled. Check out our organization tab https://myeightdays.com/organization and let us know if you want us to not just unpack, but ORGANIZE!

Downsize, Sort & Donate

It is important to figure out how to prioritize the items you will want in your new home. If you are downsizing, we know your items are full of memories, keepsakes and traditions. Eight Days has experts to help ask the right questions to guide you through the process of what you are looking to keep, sell, donate or discard. We can then take items to donate and discard for you to make it easy!

Packing Materials

We will take care of this so you don’t have to. We bring brown boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape and labels or can even help you book Monster Tote for plastic, re-usable and eco-friendly moving totes. Ask us about these options.

We take care of more than just packing!


We know movers!

Need a trusted moving company and don’t know who to choose with all the options? We’ve got it and have a recommendation that clients have used time and time again.

Carpet Cleaning

Provide your address and a list of the carpeted spaces you’d like cleaned. We will have a quote for you and it all lined up within 24 hours.

Air Purification

Interest in the air quality in your home or office? Air filtration for your bedroom if you have allergies, other breathing concerns or trouble sleeping. For your main living area so that your family stays healthy in the current climate. New baby on the way or sick child? Pets odors? Air filtration can help.

Water Filtration

Omaha’s water is safest when its filtered for your family. Add a water filtration system under your main kitchen sink, into your basement kitchen or to your kitchen refrigerator.

Window Cleaning

We know a professional service that does this at a high level. Let us know your address and we can send them out.

Read what Eight Days customers are raving about. You'll be glad you did.

I blinked and the team of 4 had my entire home packed in 4 hours. I'm a nervous person usually so was impressed how smooth everything went. Definitely worth it.

-John R. 

I'll never not use a packing company again. Made the move go great!

-Jennifer H. 

We hired them to help unpack our house following a move. The ladies were prompt and extremely helpful. They worked quickly unpacking our home and organized our things logically as they put them away. We unpacked the entire house in one day with the help of these ladies, instead of spending weeks doing it by ourselves.
-Caitlin N.

Awesome job helping my son sort things out and get ready for his move. We couldn’t have done it without your help!

-Julie C.

Impressive job. Glad I scheduled a month in advance. These guys seem to get booked up. After using them, I see why because the move actually felt easy and I didn't know moves could feel that way.

-Nate S.

I had a wonderful experience with Eight Days. They worked on my house overall to declutter and immediately after, I felt relieved and so much peace in my home. It's amazing what happens when you declutter.

-Natasha J.

Eight Days and team did an amazing job turning our house into a new home. Very professional and I would highly recommend to friends and family!
-Jeff S.

Eight Days is changing lives! They came in and transformed every inch of our home from the kitchen to the bedrooms to the basement! Their love for organization, friendly approach and eye for using the right tools to keep chaos at bay were impressive. We couldn't be happier with the results!

-Carrie J.

Very professional and efficient, - delight. I would highly recommend working with this company.

-John M.

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