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We’ve got all the other stuff.

Home organization.

Packing for a move. Unpacking.

Declutter. Downsize. Donate.

Transform your current space.

Make it an easy adjustment to your new space.

Eight Days Services

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Home Organization

We take organization seriously. Declutter your workspace. Bring order to the playroom. Organize the storage room. Clear the garage. Eight Days is here to help organize and refresh spaces.

Packing & Unpacking

We specialize in helping with the transition of moving – whether you are moving your family and want to be unpacked in a day or have a loved one downsizing from a home into a retirement community.

Weekly Organization

Have you fallen in love with our home organizers? Invite us into your home every week to keep your home picked up and items in their place. Organize new spaces. Get out the holiday decor. Put the holiday decor back. This allows your home to stay organized so you can feel that amazing ‘just organized’ feeling every week!

Testimonials from Eight Days clients

What others around Omaha have to say about Eight Days Home Organization

We made a plan and followed it. Beth, the organizer, worked fast and did an excellent job. And believe me, it was a big job!!.
-Barbara D.

Our master bedroom and closet are now easy to get to and to access everything.
-Mary D.

We always look forward to the next time Alissa, Bailey and her team come back. Great girls!! We’ve had them help with the storage room, office, kitchen cupboards, mudroom, master closet, boys school supplies. We are always coming up with new projects and it has really helped us maintain the organization in huge ways!
-Charles B.

Once the new closet was installed, she had our clothes and shoes organized beautifully in no time flat! They are both very personable and professional! I will definitely use them for any future projects.
-Suellen W.

Great company! It’s nice feeling like I have my life together a little bit now after organization.
-Alyssa W.

They solve pretty much anything we need at a high level. Highly recommend!
-Nick C.

What others around Omaha have to say about Eight Days Packing Services

Awesome job helping my son sort things out and get ready for his move. We couldn’t have done it without your help!
-Julie C.

We hired them to help unpack our house following a move. The ladies were prompt and extremely helpful. They worked quickly unpacking our home and organized our things logically as they put them away. We unpacked the entire house in one day with the help of these ladies, instead of spending weeks doing it by ourselves.
-Caitlin N.

Eight Days and team did an amazing job turning our house into a new home. Very professional and I would highly recommend to friends and family!
-Jeff S.

I work with multiple companies on a weekly basis with my career field. Eight Days and the owner right away show you that they are willing to go above and beyond to insure you are satisfied with the work being completed. Highly recommend using this company.
-Brice F.

We partner with Eight Days as a contractor and can count on them consistently. Real good company.
-Kris B.

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