Omaha’s Premier Home Organization Service


Omaha’s Premier Home Organization Service

Eight Days handles all of your organization needs – both at home and at the office



Let Eight Days transform your kitchen. Find the best home for items. Add containers to your pantry. Space planning so that the space you do have is utilized well. Create a kitchen that will be easy for you to maintain.


Hard to find items in your pantry? We can design your pantry so that you have specific sections – dinner, breakfast, snacks. Separating items allows you to find what you need quickly and helps items not get lost in the back and on top shelves.


Closets might be our favorite projects! Decide if you want matching hangers. Add some bins. Add a shoe rack. Let our organizers do their thing so that you love walking into your closet every morning.

Kids Spaces

Let us tackle the kids spaces - there are solutions for them too 🙂 Playroom? Kids love crafts? Eight Days can make sure they can access all of them and help mom have peace of mind every time that cabinet opens!


Storage areas are one of our biggest requests at Eight Days. It is so easy for everything to pile up. Let us go through, sort, donate and create order to this space! And don’t worry if it is hard to walk in your storage area currently - we are used to it.


Eight Days Home Organization will help your morning routine go smoothly by organizing your master bathroom, medicine cabinets, linen closets and other bathroom spaces

Whether you need to declutter your workspace so you can breathe again or get your car back in the garage –
Eight Days is here to help. Check out our before and after photos to get inspired!

Home Organization

Declutter your workspace. Bring order to the playroom. Organize the storage room. Clear the garage. Prep the new baby room. Turn your pantry into something you love. Eight Days is here to help organize and refresh spaces. Check out before and after photos below.

Custom Closets

Custom closet solutions for the home you are building or your current space. Call us to design custom cabinets for all of your bedroom closets, pantry, mudroom, or garage. We are experts at new closet design and help with the entire process – tear out, painting, install and organization.

Packing & Unpacking Services

We specialize in helping with the transition of moving – whether you have a loved one downsizing from a home into assited living and would like packing help or you are moving your family and want to be unpacked in a day. Read more about our packing and unpacking services.

Hoarding Help

Hoarding services are a specialized service and one of our favorites. We help people clean up their homes so that they have more room for daily life. We take a caring approach to helping go through items and finding everything a new home. Please know that this is what we do and look forward to you inviting us into your home for this process.

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Home Organization Pricing

Get Started

2 hour consultation to learn how to organize

Transform My Space

4 hours of organization for your closet, playroom or pantry

Most Popular

Organization Day

8 hour block of organization – organize a kitchen, garage, storage room or multiple smaller spaces

Highly Requested

Full Home Organization

Book five 8 hr days of organization. Custom solutions for all of your organizational needs

Before and Afters Gallery

Everyone loves a good before and after.