Frequently asked questions on our services


Frequently asked questions on our services

Eight Days answers all your frequently asked questions


Eight Days Home Organization loves organizing and making your home a place you feel good about without all the work on your part. Here are some of the things you may be wondering!
Projects are most commonly completed with a team of two organizers. Teams are the most effective way to complete your organization projects. Some projects will have four organizers that are working as two separate teams in your home at the same time, which allows for your home to be completed in a condensed time frame.

Eight Days projects are scheduled in 4 hour and 8 hour time blocks. Clients pay for 1/2 day or 1 day of organization w/ our organizers. 4 hours is considered 1/2 day w/ our organizers and 8 hours is considered 1 day w/ our organizers. Here is what that looks like:


✓4 labor hours = 1 organizer for 4 hours = 1 day w/ our organizers
✓4 labor hours = 2 organizers for 2 hours = 1 day w/ our organizers
✓8 labor hours = 2 organizers for 4 hours = 1 day w/ our organizers
✓8 labor hours = 4 organizers for 2 hours = 1 day w/ our organizers

Projects are pre-planned so you do not need to be home when Eight Days Home Organization comes to your home unless you prefer to be there.


90% of our clients are not around when we are organizing or are busy working from home while we are there. This allows us to transform efficiently and saves you money. Eight Days Professional Home Organizers will contact you with questions by reaching out via phone or text depending on your client’s preference. Our organizers save all questions for a single communication with you to limit your interruptions.

Projects are billed at booking as 1/2 day w/ our organizers 1 day w/ our organizers or 3 days w/ our organizers. Most popular is to book 3 days w/ our organizers which includes $1,000 of containers and bins as a home organization package. Here is what happens if we use more or less time than paid for:


If the team of organizers needs more time than scheduled, clients are billed for additional hours at $75/hr rounded to the next hour. 

If the team of organizers finishes the space(s) before the time block scheduled, clients are credited the remaining hours for use on a future project, rounded to the closest half hour. 

Eight Days Home Organization charges a Space Planning fee of $75 for each day that we visit you for home organization.

This fee is already included in the $375 price for 1/2 day w/ our organizers and the $675 price for 1 day w/ our organizers. Our services are $75/hr + a $75 Space Planning Fee.

We are here for our clients! This fee takes all the stress out of your project coming together for you –   

  • Communication with our team on your space
  • Planning the budget with you for your space
  • Dedicated time at our office where we create a customized game plan from the before photos you’ve sent us so that the time in your home is utilized effectively
  • Planning containers/bins/materials for your space (if applicable)
  • Store trips for bins/containers (as needed)
  • Bringing a selection of bins/containers/materials to your home on the day of the project
  • Returning unused containers that were not needed in your space once your project is wrapped up

Space Planning ensures that your projects are completed at the highest level without them having to do any planning.

In general, this is the amount of time it takes Eight Days to complete these spaces:

8 hour project


Master Closet

Storage Room


Large Office


6 hour project


Large Playroom


4 hour project

Master Bathroom

Kids Closet / Bedroom

Small Office

Small Playroom


2 hour project

Coat Closet

Linen Closet

Laundry Room

This is common! Containers can really solve everything in some spaces. If you’d like to increase your Add Containers / Bins budget, just let us know. If our organizers think it may be a good idea to spend more in a space, they may show you a few options and why so that you can decide if you’d like to utilize additional containers to complete the space or if you would rather keep to the original budget.

Things change! We get it! Moving can be stressful. If you need to cancel for any reason, just pay a $300 cancellation fee if the work has not been started yet and the rest of your deposit will be refunded to you. Alternatively choose to leave the credit on your account for future services to avoid the cancellation fee.