Ordering Containers

Containers and bins are a necessity for Eight Days operations. You will want to have a selection of containers for Home Organization projects. Your location will also need a selection of packing supplies and materials for Packing Services.


Inventory System

The Inventory Management System allows you to see what containers and bins need ordered each Monday. Here is a video to the Spreadsheet that calculates Inventory for Eight Days.


How to Use the Inventory System

Placing Orders

Call the Eight Days Office 402-201-7469 to place an order.


Your first Container and Bins Order should be a minimum of $4,000 to have a selection of containers and bins in stock for projects.


Your first Packing Supplies Order should be a minimum of $1,000 to have a selection of boxes, tape and supplies in stock for projects.


As the company scales, it will not be uncommon to place $5,000 and $10,000+ orders weekly


You will make approximately 10% profit on containers and bins when they are used in client homes.


Order on Mondays

All Eight Days inventory orders from the Eight Days Headquarters are completed on Mondays. Ordering is currently call in only. 



Orders will be shipped straight to you. Please allow 7-10 days for arrival.


An online cart to order containers is Coming Soon April 2022.