Schedulicity is the scheduling system that is used for Eight Days. Login to your Schedulicity account to schedule professional organizers in client homes and to view client information such as client notes and addresses.


Projects are most commonly completed with a team of two organizers. Teams are the most effective way to complete your organization projects. Some projects will have four organizers that are working as two separate teams in your home at the same time, which allows for your home to be completed in a condensed time frame. 


Eight Days projects are scheduled in 4 hour and 8 hour time blocks. Clients pay for 4 hours or 8 hours of organization. Here is what that looks like:


4 labor hours = 1 organizer for 4 hours

4 labor hours = 2 organizers for 2 hours

8 labor hours = 2 organizers for 4 hours

8 labor hours = 4 organizers for 2 hours


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