We re-home items!

Let’s be honest, when organizing you will come across items in rooms and spaces that make you think, “this doesn’t belong here”. This is why re-homing items is a part of Eight Days services. Now, we don’t completely re-organize the space we are re-homing the item too, but we relocate the item to where it makes the most logical sense for it to live (even if it wasn’t there before).

How do we re-home items?
Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where does the item/object make the most logical sense to live?
  2. Where do you usually use the item/object?

It’s usually pretty obvious where things go, but there can be a couple occasions where the client wants to keep a specific item in the ‘wrong’ room/space. Generally, you want to re-home items to be closest to where they are most likely to be used.

Why do we re-home items?

Sometimes a change in shifting items around and giving them a designated home can make a huge difference in the feel of a space. Don’t be afraid to move items into a different room, even if it’s not where the client is used to seeing them.

At the end of each project, we always do a walkthrough with the client to show them the changes we made and ensure that they are happy with the results. If a client is unhappy with particular items we re-homed, we are happy to quickly make it right!