Organization Services - Start of Project

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Meeting the client

Walk into the space and remove your shoes if you are working inside the home unless the client gives permission to leave them on(Required)
Explain to the client that some space is lost in order to make it organized and functional and we don’t stuff everything back into the space.(Required)
Let the client know we take before, during and after photos to update the office so you may be on your phone throughout the project. We have apps on our phone that help us plan and complete our projects.(Required)
Send the client to go about their day so we can get to work.(Required)
Bring in containers/bins/product and an organization tote with our label maker to be used to complete each space.(Required)

Please plan out your project before getting started

What is the game plan for returning bins and containers to the office at the end of this project

Upload before photos of every space you are organizing today on the Group Chat called Eight Days Organization Team - Photos before getting started