Job Offers

Here is the text or email we send to offer an employee a position with Eight Days:

Hi Sarah!


We would like to extend you a position with Eight Days starting Monday 1/17/22.


We feel like you had the ability to dive in, ask good questions, contribute ideas and move efficiently on trial projects. Your ability to adapt and not be stressed with deadlines as well as your excitement for the challenge make us think you’ll be a great fit for this position. Your positive attitude will help you with this position. We appreciate your quick responses and communication with the office at a high level.


We would send you new hire paperwork electronically to fill out by Sunday 1/16/22 at 5:00pm 


This is a part time position. More hours are available in the future if you’d like.


Please respond with how many days a week you’d like to work 8:00-12:00.


Your starting pay will be $15/hr + tips (clients often tip)


Tips help increase your pay and there is always room for growth. Full time organizers at Eight Days are at $17/hr and Lead organizers are at $20/hr.


If you would like to accept this position, we would proceed by –


  1. Respond back to this text to let us know. If you wish to accept the position, please let us know a couple of times you’d have time for a 15 minute phone call Wednesday or Thursday after 5:00pm.


On the phone call –


  1. Lining up a time for you to fill out paperwork and go through some training slideshows, audios and videos
  2. Giving you access to our scheduling system so that you can see scheduling
  3. Answering any questions that you have


Please let us know if you’d like to accept this position.


Please decide if you’d like to accept this position by Wednesday at 5:00pm as this is a very sought after position.


We enjoyed meeting you and would love to have you!


Here are the texts to send to decline an applicant:

  1. To Decline Applicant, send this text when you want to notify the applicant of the decision

Hi Allison! Eight Days has decided to pursue other applicants for the Professional Organizer position. Thank you for your time and interest in this position.

  1. To Decline Applicant, send this text when an applicant checks in to see where you are in the hiring process and you want to notify the applicant of the decision

Eight Days has selected the applicants for hire and has filled this position. We enjoyed meeting you. Best to you with what you are pursuing!