New Hire Setup

  1. Gather New Hire Information

You will gather the required information from a new employee at Eight Days by sending them the link to

Send this text to invite a new employee to begin the new hire setup process to work for Eight Days:

Hi Stephanie! Please go to to fill out the required information to start getting everything set up for your employment with Eight Days. Please complete this form in the next 24 hours. The New Hire Video Training below explains the form that employees fill out on


New Hire Video Training



  1. Add New Hire to Gusto

Employees at Eight Days are paid through the a payroll system called Gusto. Create the new hire a profile in Gusto and send them the documents they need to complete. Please watch Gusto Video Training below on adding a new employee to Gusto Payroll.


New Hire Gusto Video Training
Video Coming Soon


  1. Send New Hire Eight Days Paperwork – Professional Organizer Documents 

You will use an electronic signature software to send documents to a new employee to complete. These documents can be uploaded and stored so that they are easily accessible and easy to send. The New Hire Paperwork Video Training below explains how to upload and how to send these documents.


New Hire Paperwork Video Training
Video Coming Soon


  1. Add New Hire to Schedulicity

Send New Hire this text immediately after you Add New Hire to Schedulicity:

Hello Stephanie! You should have just gotten an email in your inbox for Schedulicity – please process this email ASAP since it expires within 24 hours. This will get you into our scheduling system. Let us know when you are logged in and the email has been processed!


New Hire Schedulicity Video Training
Video Coming Soon