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Home Organization Pricing

Get Started Appointment

2-3 hours of organization 

$150 - $225

Transform My Space

4-6 hours of organization 

$300 - $450

Organization Day

8 hour block of organization


Custom Projects

Custom solutions for your organizational needs


Packing & Unpacking Pricing

1-2 Bedroom Apartment
Eight Days helps get you ready to move quickly to relieve the stress of moving 


3 Bedroom Home

You can expect boxes will be professional taped, packed and labeled


4-5+ Bedroom Home
Boxes are placed in the middle of each room in a perfectly stacked pile for your movers


Unpack + Organize
Start living in your new home quickly and at the highest level - if you choose, we can organize every space as we unpack

Custom Pricing

Cleaning Pricing

1-2 Bedroom Apartment


3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Home

$120 - $160

4 Bedroom, 3 Bath Home


5+ Bedroom, 4+ Bath Home


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