Coat Closet

How To Organize: Coat Closet

Time Frame: 30 min-1 hr

Most Common Assignment: 15-30 min with 2 organizers / 30 min-1 hr with 1 organizer 

Step 1 Meet Client/Get Started

Time Frame: 5 minutes

  1. Meet client
  2. Walk into space
  3. Ask client if they have any special requests
  4. Ask client any questions needed as you look over the space
  5. Send client away so we can get to work
  6. Bring containers/bins/product inside

Step 2

Time Frame: 5 minutes

  1. Switch out all hangers to matching wooden hangers
  2. Face all coats to the left
  3. Zip up all coats fully

Step 3

Time Frame: 5 minutes

  1. Clear everything out of the top and floor of the coat closet

Step 4

Time Frame: 5 minutes

  1. Place 2-4 matching bins at the top of the closet based on size of closet
  • Common categories for bins are Hats, Gloves, Scarves, His, Hers, Kids
  • Add bin clip to each bin
  • Label each bin clip with a custom label from label maker

Step 5

Time Frame: 5 minutes

  1. Place a shoe rack at the bottom of the coat closet if needed
  • If shoes are not going in this coat closet, skip this step
  • Coat closets often have a completely clear floor
  • Coat closets may have a single vacuum or other item that is stored on the floor behind the coats
  • The goal is to not have a cluttered floor in the closet

Step 6

Time Frame: 5 minutes

  1. Finish anything up that is needed
  1. Capture after photos and video content / send to the office
  2. Return the final items to space after photos and videos are done
  3. Clean up the space and return any items to other parts of the house where needed
  4. Walk the client through their new space if they are home
  5. Lock up the home (if needed) and clock out