Leave behind document process

A “Leave Behind” communication document, specific to the services we provide, will be left with each client after each job.  Eight Days employees should follow the process below to enhance the client experience and ensure our clients receive professional and sincere appreciation for allowing us to meet their needs.  This form will also provide your Venmo information, should the client want to send a tip for your excellent service!

  1. Ensure you have the appropriate leave behind form for the service(s) that will be provided to, as well as a pen and yellow highlighter
  2. Upon entering the job site, remove shoes and leave all personal belongings at the exit, except your cell phone and the form, highlighter and pen
  3. Put the incomplete form, highlighter and pen on the kitchen counter or the most centralized location in the kitchen where the form will easily be seen by the client later on
  4. Complete the job and ensure that you have met all the goals and provided necessary updates to the group chat/Eight Days
  5. Allow 5 minutes at the end of the job to complete the leave behind form thoroughly
  6. Take a picture of the completed form and send it to the group chat and/or Eight Days
  7. Take the highlighter, pen, and all of your personal belongings when you clock out, lock up and leave the job site